All services are fee based with receipts provided.

Marla's fees are $190.00 per 50 mintute per session.

Emma's fees are $170.00 plus GST per 50 mintute per session.

We can work with most group plans and insurance that will cover clients’ sessions.
Always check with your group plan to find out what your coverage is, who qualifies as a service provider and how your sessions are billed.
Contact Information:
Tel: (306) 821-0377
Email: carecounselling@mcsnet.ca
Marla Rauser, B.A., HON, B.S.W., R.S.W

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Contact Information:
Tel: (306) 821-6967
Email: carecounselling.emma@gmail.com
Emma Patenaude, B.A., M.A., RPC, CCPCPR
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Contact Marla for NIHB/IRS/IDS counselling services through Indiginous Services Canada (for Saskatchewan residence only).